• The Oversized Blazer

    Welcome to my first blog - Let's talk about the current trend which is the oversized blazer! The Perfect  Blazer doesn't break the bank and for Under $150 or less, you can find the right one for ...

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    The Oversized Blazer
Blazer from ASOS

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My name is Isabel. Welcome to my blog – Simple Things With Isabel, where I share my world of style and colour with you. Fashion has always been an escape for me. I use fashion to express myself and I dress based on my mood. I use fashion to uplift my energy when I’m having one of those days.

My favourite things is chilling on my couch and sipping a cup of chai tea hmm.. nothing like the comforting smell of chai with some cinnamon.I love my family and friends.I am from a fairly big family. I have 6 siblings all boys and I'm the only girl which I love Oh, and I love them all too.Join me in my world of colour and style.

I hope I can inspire you to celebrate your body and do fashion your way by wearing those clothes you have always wanted to whatever your style is because every day is a celebration of you. XoXo  

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